The author’s foundation.

Author.  Financially commercial organization. Author’s Foundation.  Deals with the author’s problems only. COPYRIGHT. CREDITS BY IDEA HELP TO AUTHOR AUTHOR’S ADVERTISING AUTHOR’S PROTECTION PROTECTION OF HIS WORKS AND PROJECTS. PROTECTING HIS FAMILY The main task is to unite the authors and to protect them. Capacity development. Search for new authors. Training. Preservation and development of creativity. The fund receives funds from two sources of internal profit.  Itis Beautiful.  Auction and exchange.  It can also be sponsored by the authors themselves, already well-known authors, organizations that need authors, consumers of products, and everyone who supports this idea. I think that the foundation will deal with exhibitions of the best works and exhibitions of emerging authors.  Cruise for art, organizing seminars and just meetings, television projects, Creative trips.  ALL FOR THE AUTHOR. AUCTION AND EXCHANGE. Many projects cannot be seen visually, with the help of targeted advertising we will send out a brief description of the project to everyone who may be interested in it.  We can determine the areas of application using a computer program.  The more areas of application of the discovery, the more valuable the idea.  If there is a great demand, the idea is put up for auction.  In this case, the real price of the idea is determined. We also deal with large projects and works of art for which there is an increased demand.  And even with those works and for which there is no demand yet.  But it is complete and perfect.  The market will determine the price.  The market will determine the author’s rating, the market will determine the priority.  For this, a system of Internet auctions and a project exchange will be developed.  Anyone can buy a project, postpone it for the future for their organization.  This will enable authors, architects, designers, and science to go ahead of our time, to look for new ways.  Live in the future, having this opportunity in the present.  Whatever values ​​we proclaim, but money for life is needed in the present.  Otherwise, there will be no future.  Also, any person or organization can buy a project from the author for its production and it is possible to agree with the author on cooperation.  After all, only the author can realize his idea without failures … Determining the author’s rating is also very reasonable, once a year according to the amount received.  After all, the talent of a dollmaker and a jeweler cannot be compared, but a dollmaker can sell 100 dolls per year, and a jeweler can only sell a couple of works.  Determining this is the amount of transactions.  We will make a rating based on the amount earned by the author for the year, as well as, at the request of the authors, on the most expensive project for the most popular thing.  Between specialists and and between those whose work has not been bought.  Works that will not be purchased are left to the author for revision or he can save them in our repository and we will periodically put them up for auction.  The works of deceased authors can also be sold by our firm for the benefit of the heirs, but with the help of an auction or exchange.  Since the author cannot set the price himself.  SALE AT AUTHOR’S PRICE AND ABOVE.

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