Author. Project.

Author. Project. Author. Financially commercial organization. Organizational challenge: simplify the structure of copyright. Implementation of works of authorship and projects. Loans for an idea and a project. Protection of the author and his works. Structure: The network of online stores it is Beautiful. Author’s Foundation. Auction or exchange. System of work: implementation of work through a chain of stores, at the price of the author, implementation of projects through targeted advertising and an auction or exchange. Obtaining copyright for your work without registration, but through information and implementation, automatically. (the sale of your works through our network automatically includes the client in the category of authors and ensures complete security for him and his works, and all rights to his work, project, invention.) This is provided by all types of advertising and the organization’s work system itself. The author’s name comes first. The identity of the author is undeniable, for he has already created a work and implemented it. The possibilities of the Internet make it possible to check the authorship and notify all interested structures about it at the time of the implementation of the work or project. The assignment of copyright is automatic, without discussion. If the work is bought, then it is in demand, is needed by society and has value, respectively, the author of the work is needed by society and has value. We automatically include it in our fellowship AUTHOR’S FUND. And thus provides him with loans for new projects, sales of products, loans for ideas, assistance and protection of his rights and works, the opportunity to work there and with those people with whom he wants, the possibility of freedom of creativity, protection of him as a person and protection of his life. CREATE, SELL, AND LIVE FREE. Staff: Most of the work falls on programs and Internet services. But the human factor remains. Advertising, delivery, protection of works and the author. Support from the UN or other public structures. Support of already known authors. Development of technologies for working not with organizations, but with a person at all stages of its development. Programmers Analysts Photographers, Designers, Writers Journalists Accountant Couriers Stock traders Security Mobile teams in case of evacuation. Lawyers Lawyers Clerks Cleaners Operators for the protection of objects. Psychologists (the authors are very fragile material) For the construction of bases. Builders Foremen Engineers Drivers Telecom operators Architects Designers (Naturally, local organizations will be used, on a competitive basis, and local specialists in each case). To service bases. Technical staff. Telecom operators Programmer Object security Temperature control operator Accountant Leader Executive Director. Delivery couriers especially valuable works. Psychologist Advertising group. The director of the base decides for himself who and how will work for him, depending on climatic conditions and political power, according to the situation. Main office Project Manager Online shopping director Fund Director Director for Auction, Rating and Exchange. Gene. Director Legal office 13 lawyers with knowledge of 13 regions of the world. Finance lawyers. Copyright lawyers Lawyers working with other firms. Legal Team Leader. Director of the Legal Department. Marketing. Analytical group Rating group. Advertising group. Financial group. Support Group. Contact group for work with authors. Contact group for work with the consumer. Delivery service. Delivery group in Europe. Delivery group in Africa. Delivery group in the Middle East. South America Delivery Group North American delivery group. Delivery group across Russia. Delivery group in China. Delivery group in India. Australia Delivery Group …. The groups consist of several people who solve the problems of courier services in these regions and problems between regions. Group for the delivery of very exclusive goods. Courier service manager. Advertising service. Programmers, designers, artists, photographers. Psychologists. Director of Advertising Service. Security. Head of facility security. Head of storage security. Head of escorting security. Gene office maintenance service. Service of telecom operators. Finance. Financial director. Financial group. Office work. Secretariat. Couriers. Deputies. Transport. Car drivers Helicopter pilots. Airplane pilots. Service staff. Main storage. Security Operators. Secret Service. Head of the Secret Service. Secret Service Group. Technical service. Maintenance manager. Computer specialists, Cleaning specialists. Each base can serve as a main office.

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