The Path From Beauty to Reality

Author. Project. The store has grown into a financial organization.  It’s easier for me.  This solves a lot of problems.  Can’t think of a name.  But maybe it will be Author. The idea of ​​copyright works remains valid, the same copyright system.  We get the author’s work and using all the advertising we make a name for him.  Quincy Promes.  We make websites for him and his own platform.  And we include it in the author’s fund.  That allows him to take money for the project without any problems.  Accordingly, bring it to mind.  We are creating an exchange for works of an author with a controversial or non-visual project.  The main thing is instant advertising of his work and his name.  And the possibility of implementation at its price.  Controversial projects are put up for auction and the price is determined by demand.  This will allow us to develop art stores, and at the same time guarantee the copyright for the work.  Copyright for works, base of authors, and desire to become an author. Also, the support of authors in our difficult time and the development of creativity and the Internet.  And it will expand the horizon of our organization, include industrial and scientific implementation of projects.  It will raise the level of Internet commerce, give the individual the opportunity to realize their ideas, and completely new rules for Internet commerce based on the right of the author.  Organizations will be engaged in the implementation and implementation of projects without having the right to an idea.  That will allow the author to change the organization if the implementation or sale of his idea does not suit him.  We give the authors the right to decide and change the fate of their project regardless of the financial situation in the world, to sell the idea to any country, regardless of its policy, to dispose of their work regardless of the organization.  This simplifies the creative process, frees authors and maintains their credibility. As for the stores, MA can include an unlimited number of any tools, everyone who agrees to work according to our rules.  Selling works of authorship at the price of the author and keeping his name.  All the principles of the IT IS beautiful online store are preserved, they are introduced into trade networks and programs in the same way, but we do not conduct trade, but only look for intermediaries who agree to our rules.  We have authors, their implementation.  In addition, we can also include these structures under our wing and provide them with programs.  goods.  Technology.  In this case, we make our organization competitive with Google and Amazon without changing their principles of work, but now there is competition for the idea and copyright works, and if our principles and our method of obtaining copyrights are more effective, we will win this round.  No matter what country I am.  register an organization.

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